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Action Ham

Action Ham! A tribute to my beloved hamster Tamago, who loved nothing more than RUNNING! Go go hamu!

One of my biggest flaws is I’m too obsessed with hamsters. My favourites are syrian hamsters – to me they’re just the cutest and I miss Tamago so much. She loved running in her wheel and exploring in her ball. I always thought it’d be fun to let her free roam in the house but I was scared she’d disappear forever!

Action Ham - Cute Hamster Art

Hamster T-Shirts

If you also love hamsters a bit too much, have a look at my hamster t-shirts: Powered by Hamsters and Hamsters in Teacups. I designed them because I wanted a cute hamster t-shirt and I couldn’t find any good ones!

When I got Hamsters in Teacups made into a shirt, I thought maybe two hamster tees was too many, but people still ask me for more, so I guess it’s ok!

Powered by Hamsters T-Shirt
Hamsters in Teacups Ladies T-Shirt