Art in the Groove

I’ve just finished my painting for Art in the Groove, an art project organised by Generic Art, Flatties, Nick Dale and Designer Toys UK.

Over 50 artists were sent a vinyl record to paint or customise any way they chose – the only criteria being that it should fit back into the record sleeve. The artworks are all inspired by music – either the record itself, the artists’ favourite song or band, or any other theme related to music.

My record was an extremely vintage-looking (but hopefully not old enough to be worth something!) “Music for Listening and Relaxation”. I thought it would be fun to turn the centre of the record into the wheel of an iPod. I used acrylics – my favourite type of paints – and called my piece “One day I’ll be an MP3”.

There are over 50 other artists involved in the project, including A Little Stranger and Matt jOnes (Lunartik). The records will be on display on the Generic Art stand at UK ToyCon, and will be going on tour this summer, before being sold for charity.    Twitter: @cakeswithfaces

Art in the Groove

My painting for Art in the Groove