Christmas Pudding Animated Gif

Having worked on lots of animated gifs for graphic design work in the past, I’ve been wanting to create a Cakes with Faces animated gif for a while. And where better to start than a fun Christmas gif?

My Christmas puds card design was perfect material, being a three-panel cartoon strip. It’s one of my older drawings (and actually an idea from when I was really little!) so I updated the character design to match my current style. It was a lot of fun to make, and I’d like to do some more – hopefully I’ll get some time over Christmas for fun personal art projects.

Animated gifs are great – even though they’re somewhat primitive in comparison to proper animation, I love what you can do with them if you give it a bit of thought. I create mine in Photoshop with the Animation toolbar, importing the vector artwork from Illustrator. It’s all about the timing, and lots of trial and error to get the animation right. My favourite type of gifs are looping gifs that go on and on forever! / Twitter: @cakeswithfaces

Christmas pudding animated gif