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Cute Pancake Day Art

Sometimes people ask me about my inspirations – and really ideas just come to you, seemingly out of the blue. Obviously food must be a big source of inspiration for me, and this year I’ve been inspired to draw some fun and cute pieces for Pancake Day!

More Cute Art

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Pancake Looks for Spring

Which did you go for this year?

Pancake Looks for Spring

I’m a Crepe Actually

I still don’t know the difference between pancakes and crepes, but crepes are definitely fancier.

Cute Pancake Art: I'm a Crepe Actually

The First Pancake

Why does it always go wrong???

PS I loved the debate on Facebook when I posted this about whether the first pancake is the best or the worst, and whether you should eat it or feed it to your dog!!

The First Pancake