Recently I’ve been working hard on new designs, which is the most fun part of running Cakes with Faces!


My new t-shirt design (still in progress!) is based on unicorns and pegasus-es (pegasi?) and I came up with the idea of Pegasaurus! He’s the prehistoric ancestor of pegasus, and he’s just so happy he can fly. This idea was most definitely in the almost-too-stupid-to-draw category, but I decided to draw it anyway! He’s been getting a lot of love on Facebook (thank you!).

At the moment Pegasaurus is just a drawing for fun, but like always, if there’s enough interest there’s a chance he’ll make it onto some new Cakes with Faces items! I love reading your comments; let me know what you think on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – that’s how the Alpacalypse started!


Unicorn T-Shirt: Work in Progress

And here’s a sneaky peak at my work in progress on my unicorn t-shirt design. I won’t give away the whole design just yet. I was trying my hardest to draw a non-girly unicorn!

Some designs come together instantly, and some take a bit more work. This one’s in the second category! I’ve tried lots of different layouts, I’m trying to decide on colours at the moment. I don’t want it to be too girly, because I like my designs to be for everyone. I’m hoping to release it some time in February, so stay tuned!

Work in progress! Trying very hard to draw a non-girly unicorn. #unicorn #drawing #illustrator #design

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