They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles

They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles, Clutter Gallery

I’ll be having a piece in a gallery art show in New York called They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles!

They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles

They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles is an art exhibition at Clutter Gallery in New York, featuring cute and colourful pieces from graphic artists arranged by colour like a rainbow. What a great idea! It’s going to look amazing.

My Artwork for the Show

My colour is PURPLE (my favourite colour) and my piece is very Cakes with Faces. It’s top secret for now; once the show opens I’ll be able to show it to you. Keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

My piece will be available to purchase at the show or online afterwards from Clutter. You can sign up to the preview list on Clutter’s website.

Clutter Gallery

Clutter Gallery is a gallery in New York that shows modern, pop and lowbrow art from established and emerging artists, both graphic art, toys and figures. They put on amazing group shows with really cool themes like monsters, plush sculptures and action figures.

They also run Clutter magazine, a super-cool blog and magazine about graphic art, design and vinyl toys, which is where I first discovered lots of my favourite artists and designers.

It’s great to be part of the exhibition, alongside fantastic artists including Chima Group, who make the most adorable vinyl figures, and Chris Ryniak. I can’t wait to see the other pieces!

Sadly I can’t make it to the show itself, but I’ll be glued to #planetrainbowsparkles to see pics!