Tokyo Ramen Girls Tour Poster – Limited Edition Print

Introducing the new limited edition print (now sold out): a tour poster for the Tokyo Ramen Girls!

Tokyo Ramen Girls Art Print

Tokyo Ramen Girls

The Tokyo Ramen Girls are my imaginary all-girl Japanese rock band. They play loud, shouty music and they’re full of attitude. They also have pet gyoza.

The illustration was originally inspired by Tokyo Ramen Girls Festival, a food event in Japan aimed at women. Apart from being a slightly bizarre idea, I thought the name sounded like a girl band, so I brought them to life in my drawing.

The new print is a tour poster for their Yaki Nori Tour 2016, touring grungy underground venues across Japan. The venues in the listing at the bottom of the poster are all real live houses in Japan.

On the poster, the girls are posing in a bowl of steaming ramen, with chopsticks and a ramen soup spoon, and their pet gyoza in tow. They’re wearing their summer yukata and looking kickass as always.

Cute Tokyo Ramen Girls Tour Poster

Limited Edition Print

The tour poster is a limited edition run of just 20 prints. They’re A3 size, in full colour on heavy art paper with a subtle silver sheen. Each print is individually signed and numbered.

This is the newest in the series of limited edition prints, following Starry Night and Illuminatea, both sold out now.

Available Now

You can get the Tokyo Ramen Girls poster in the online shop while stocks last (now sold out). Delivery is available to any country in the world – just select your country at checkout.

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