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Thank you to Vic Minett and the team at BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio for having me on the afternoon show yesterday – it was great fun! For me it was exciting enough to hear “Tomorrow – Cakes with Faces!” at the end of the Wednesday’s show, so it was lovely to meet Vic and have a chat on air about Cakes with Faces.

The day started with a bit of a mix-up when I got phone call asking me to bring in some of my cakes! I hope they weren’t too disappointed that I don’t make actual cakes, just drawings of them – maybe baking is something I should branch out into…

It was exciting to go into the radio studio, which is in the BBC Open Centre in Coventry. Having sprinted across the city centre in the freezing cold, I warmed up with a hot drink and showed Vic and Simon some of my artwork – including my sushi comic, my chopping board print (now sold out) and the all-time favourite, Triangle Club.

BBC Coventry and Warwickshire

We went into the studio and Vic asked me about how I got started with Cakes with Faces and how it’s been going, and inevitably we talked a bit about my favourite subject: Japan. She had a look at my Bakery Jealousy print with the heirarchy of the cakes, and said it’s like Titanic, with Kate Winslett as the fancy cupcake at the top (Cake Winslett!) and the tarts and doughnuts at the bottom partying and having a great time!

If you missed the show, it’s available to listen to online for the next week to on the BBC website – “The One with the Criminal Sheep”! (It was an easter special with a story about some naughty lambs who ate a stash of easter eggs!). The Cakes with Faces section is about 1 hour 15 minutes in.    Twitter: @cakeswithfaces

BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Studio

Amy at BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Radio