Follow Your Dream: The Next Step for Cakes with Faces!

Cakes with Faces is taking the next step and gearing up with some exciting changes behind the scenes…

The Story So Far

Although I’ve been drawing and designing for a lot longer, the t-shirts started in 2011, as an online shop with our first range of just five shirts, and our first stall at MCM London Comic Con. It’s not something I talk about much here, but so far I’ve been running Cakes with Faces alongside my day job as an in-house graphic designer at a large company. What started as a hobby took on a life of its own, and I poured more and more energy, love and creativity into building it up. I’ve always been full of ideas and dreams of what I’d like it to be, and things I want to do. With just the weekends and a few hours in the evenings, it’s been hard to fit everything in!

A Leap of Faith

When I first started the t-shirts, it seemed like a big step, and I wasn’t sure if it would work out. Since then, I’ve carried on taking more steps and doing things that seemed like a dream the year before! Now I’m taking an even bigger leap and have decided to quit my day job and work on Cakes with Faces full time. This means there’ll be more time to work on designs and characters, and make more fabulous new things for you guys.

Your time should be spent doing what you love, and everyone should follow their dream and work really hard to accomplish what they aspire to. Johnny Cupcakes is a big advocate of this, and has been a huge inspiration to me at this time (I went to his London lecture last year). Here’s an example from his inspiring brand book (which you can get from their London shop):

Johnny Cupcakes brand book

Fresh Fruit Design

I still love graphic design, so alongside Cakes with Faces I’ll also be doing freelance graphic design – my new site’s called Fresh Fruit Design – the healthy (and slightly more serious) alternative to Cakes with Faces! Feel free to pass on the link if you know anyone who’s looking for a graphic designer (logos, flyers, business cards, wedding invitations…).

Support the Designers You Love

Cakes with Faces customers are the best, and we couldn’t do this without you. So far all the profits have gone back in to bringing you new stuff, new designs and making Cakes with Faces what it is. We want to continue this as much as possible, so keep on being awesome! Introduce your friends to our characters, spread the sushi love and keep the Cakezilla urban myth alive! We love seeing photos of you in your new t-shirts and your enthusiasm on Facebook, Twitter, etc is what keeps us going.

We’re really excited to find out how it’s going to go and what will happen as we take this next step – stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted!

Follow your dream