Hyper Japan Photobook – J-Style Fashion

Hyper Japan photobook

I’m featured in the Hyper Japan photobook! Hyper J-Style is a photobook of Japanese-inspired street fashion, Harajuku style, lolita, fairy kei, gyaru and lots of other colourful styles, as well as cosplay.

Hyper Japan Photobook

All the photos were taken at Hyper Japan – mostly at their summer event in July – by the official event photographers. I picked up a copy at Hyper Japan Christmas Market, and it’s now available online from the Hyper Japan website. It’s at a bargain price of £5 until the 15th December.

The photobook’s really colourful and reminds me of Fruits magazine, which I’ve always loved looking through (if you like Japanese fashion, the book should definitely be on your Christmas list!). It’s really nicely put together, and is an awesome collection of photos to inspires you to be a bit more colourful or wear something cute!

It says it’s volume 1, so here’s hoping this is the start of a series.

Featured in Kimono Style

I was really pleased to see my photo’s been featured in the Kimono Style section! I was wearing one of my favourite dresses, a strawberry Yukata that I got from Bodyline in Harajuku during my last trip to Tokyo. It’s my favourite shop on Takeshita Dori, and I love the cute strawberry print (plus it has a massive bow on the back!).

I love how the description says “a pinch of personal style can alter even the most traditional garments” – in my case I guess this is wearing Converse with a yukata! (Standing at the stall all day is tough on your feet!).

Hyper Japan Photo Book - Kimono Style

If you look closely you can also spot me on the cover too!

Fashion book cover

But I’ll never be as cute as the tiny girl wearing a kimono on the opposite page – ka-wa-ii!!!

Cute girl in kimono