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How to Support Cakes with Faces

Some people have been asking if I have a Patreon…

If you like my artwork and videos and want to support Cakes with Faces, the best way is order something right here on my online shop. Everything’s my own, original design. It means the world to me when someone decides to buy my designs when there’s so much awesome stuff you could spend your money on. And it makes me so happy to see pics of you and hear how much you like your new stuff! There’s a collection of them on Pinterest and it always makes me smile to look through them.

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Not Your Style?

If cute’s not your style but you want to support my work or videos, I’ve set up a Kofi. It’s a website where you can buy me a virtual coffee (or Fanta Grape!) as a thank you, to show your appreciation. There’s no subscription or obligation – it’s just a small, one-off thank you.


Japan Trip Planning Help

I’m always happy to help with your questions about planning a trip to Japan. I enjoy chatting about Tokyo and things to do there, and I’m happy to help you out if I can. I understand how daunting it can seem when you’re planning your first trip, so you can always message me with your questions or ask them in the comments on YouTube.

I always try and reply to comments, and hope to be able to for as long as I’m able to! Sometimes people are surprised when I reply, but to me it’d seem rude not to. And making videos is really one-sided without the comments.

There’s absolutely no obligation and I’ll still carry on the same whatever, but now Kofi’s there if you feel you want to get me a virtual coffee as a thank you.

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How You Can Always Support Artists

Telling your friends is always a great way to support artists too – whether it’s sharing my artwork, recommending my videos or showing them my products, it all helps. Your support is very much appreciated – because without you guys, Cakes with Faces wouldn’t be here. Thank you. 🙂

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