Nominated for a NEO Award 2019 – Vote for us!

NEO Awards 2019

We’re nominated for a NEO Award 2019! And you can help us win – vote for Cakes with Faces here.

NEO Awards 2019

The NEO Awards recognise people’s favourite anime, manga, asian movies, music, games and pop culture. The awards are sponsored by Japan Journeys. And the winners are chosen by readers and followers – and you can help decide who wins by voting online.

Voting closes on 10th December 2019 at 6pm.

Best Specialist Company

Cakes with Faces is nominated for Best Specialist Company. I’m honoured to be nominated alongside great companies like Chameleon Pens and our friends JPU Records and Genki Gear. There are also some much bigger businesses in the nominations, like game distributor Esdvium/Bushiroad and Showmasters, who organise cons and events.

NEO Magazine

NEO is the UK’s anime and manga magazine, also covering asian films, music and pop culture.

They’ve been really supportive of Cakes with Faces right from the start, when I was featured in their Best of Western Talent section way back, before I even started the shop or started turning my designs into products!

They also published my comic book recipe for ramen – you can see it here.

NEO Magazine

Vote for Cakes with Faces

You can help by voting for Cakes with Faces in the NEO Awards! We’re in category 18: Best Specialist Company.

There’s lots to choose from in all the other categories, and it’s fine to skip sections if you don’t watch asian films, or if you’re not into manga, for example.

Thanks for your support and fingers crossed!

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