Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2014 Video

Hyper Japan Christmas Market video

Thank you to everyone who came to see us at Hyper Japan Christmas Market, it was such a fun weekend! The video’s a big montage of clips from the weekend – see if you can spot yourself, or if you’ve never been to Hyper Japan, the video shows you what it’s like. There’s lots of cosplay, colourful Japanese fashion including cute lolitas, dancing maids on the stage, Kelsey Ellison, Joe Inoue and Diana Garnet, Siro-A and all kinds of cute things from around the show.

My own favourite moments were seeing a whole family dressed in lolita (including a tiny girl, who was wearing the same dress as me!), meeting people who’d watched our videos (and being recognised – when I wasn’t at the stall, whaat?!) and meeting Kelsey Ellison and Abi Pop from YouTube (watch out for them in our second video). And seeing Koike Miyu the tiny J-pop idol on the main stage – she was so full of energy!

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