MCM Expo October 2012 Photos

I’m just back from MCM Expo, where Cakes with Faces celebrated its 1st birthday – one year of t-shirts and cons! I had a great time, and as always it was lovely to meet some of you and chat about drawings, Japan, cakes and angry croissants.

Cakes with Faces at MCM London October 2012

Cakes with Faces stall

This time the comic con was larger than ever before, taking up an extra hall either side. It seemed like there was more variety in stalls than usual, and new sections like Vidfest UK (all about online videos) and a larger Japanex section with Japanese food stalls (hooray!), from which I enjoyed a pumpkin korroke yaki soba (much better than the usual overpriced bagels!). I managed to find myself some new cat ears, and got some funky jewellery from Two Bad Bananas.

Friday was busier than usual because of all the people who wanted to meet Matt Smith, and for the first time there were Friday only tickets. There were also huge queues throughout the weekend to play the game previews, try out the Wii-U, at the Cyanide and Happiness stand, and at the Rooster Teeth (Red vs Blue) stand.

To celebrate our first birthday there was a new A3 print, a giant collage of Cakes with Faces characters old and new:

Cute Explosion Art Print

Cute Explosion art print

We also had a brand new t-shirt design, slightly different from the others with a retro typographic design, featuring what we do best, cakes with faces. It’s also my favourite colour – why was there never a purple t-shirt before??! Both the new t-shirt and the print will be available online in the shop very soon!

Retro Cake T-Shirt

Never-Ending Cakes T-Shirt

It was great to see a few people I recognised, including my first customer from MCM October last year, our very first show! She’d made me some cute charms as a birthday present 🙂

MCM London 2012

I was also interviewed by Nerdcat for their YouTube channel, and they came back the next day with this super-cute birthday cake! CWF people are the best…

Cake with face

A real cake with a face!

The most popular t-shirt of the weekend by far was pain au chocolat, and again Triangle Club was the most popular print. One girl bought it for her friend who hates triangles (why would anyone hate triangles?!) and a maths teacher got one for her classroom!

I didn’t take many cosplay photos this time, but you can see a few more of the show in general on my Facebook page.

It was also great to meet the people who organise Thought Bubble, which will be my next event next month in Leeds – if you’re a northerner and like comics and art, check that one out. And then the next weekend after that is Hyper Japan Christmas – it’s going to be a busy November!


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