Pastel Alpaca Cushions – New Colours!

Alpaca cushions

Pastel alpaca cushions are now available in more cute colours!

The alpaca pillow has been one of the most popular cushions. Originally it was made just in light blue, as it’s a universal colour that would suit lots of rooms and colour schemes.

Now, as a trial, they’re also available in pastel pink and lilac, and I’m really pleased with how they’ve come out. The original pastel blue is still available too.

Pastel Pink Alpaca Cushion

This one is very pink! It’s a bright baby / pastel pink, which really suits the cute polkadots design.

Available in the online shop…

Pink Alpaca Cushion

Lilac Alpaca Cushion

Purple’s my favourite colour, so I really like the lilac version!

Available in the online shop…

Lilac alpaca cushion

Alpaca Cushions Set

The pillows look really cute together – I love the look of pastel rainbows!

Cute alpaca cushions

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