Funny & Strange Gachapon from Japan

Funny & Strange Gachapon Video

Round-up of funny and strange gachapon capsule toys from Japan. This is becoming a series! (The others are below if you want to watch them). I just keep finding more and more funny and unusual gashapon series. There are 150 new ones launched every month in Japan – and so many of them are just so strange and interesting.

This time I found:

  • Slime gachapon – who knew there were so many?
  • Scrap and abandoned items
  • Kawaii ancient Egypt
  • Lots of other random gachapon…

There were too many for one video, so the next part will be out in a couple of weeks!

Kawaii Ancient Egypt

One of the gachapon in the video is a Japanese kawaii version of ancient Egyptian gods. I found this really interesting – ancient Egyptian imagery has large eyes and a graphic style, so it combines with kawaii style really well. I’m inspired – maybe I’ll try some cute Egyptian style designs!

I’d never seen the character Medjed before – but it’s popular enough to have a section in Kiddyland, a major character goods store in Japan. When I first saw the pictures of the original god on ancient Egyptian scrolls, I thought they were fake, but it seems to actually be genuine!

It started when the scrolls were shown in an exhibition in Japan. Because Medjed looks so much like a cute character mascot, he caught people’s imagination and that was the start of the character franchise. There’s more about it in this article on Anime News Network.

Medjed - Ancient Egyptian God & Japanese Character

The original, ancient Egyptian Medjed. (Public domain images from Wikimedia Commons)

Videos about Japan

I’ll be going back to Japan soon, so do some live action gachapon hunting. I’ll be making videos about everything, so subscribe to Cakes with Faces on YouTube and to see what I find! (Press the notification bell to make sure they land in your subs feed).

 Gachapon machines in Akihabara

More Gachapon

Here are the others in the series! There’ll be a new one out in a couple of weeks (and new videos every Thursday on YouTube).