Ikebukuro Video: Penguin Sat Nav, Pokemon Centre & UFO Catchers!

Ikebukuro Video

Come to Ikebukuro with me in my Japan vlog and see:

  • Penguin sat nav – follow those penguins to get to Sunshine City!
  • Kawaii shops in Sunshine City.
  • The Pokemon Centre – virtually everything in your house could have Pikachu on it!
  • Sunshine Aquarium – more from this in my next video.
  • Ikebukuro at night.
  • Japanese arcades and UFO catcher fails – we try to win some extremely cute Korohamu hamsters! They really are adorable.

If you like my t-shirt in the video you can get it here (mens and ladies sizes!). I love wearing colourful sunny yellow!

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Get the Penguin Sat Nav!

The sat nav penguins in the video are free to download, for iOS and Android. It works in the UK too (although it says you have thousands of miles to go!) so you can see cute augmented reality penguins walking in your house or the street wherever you are! And if you’re going to Tokyo, the app works offline, so you don’t need to pay for any expensive overseas data. It’s so cute – I’d definitely recommend giving it a try if you’re going to Ikebukuro!

  • Download the “Junaio” app – it’s free and there are iOS and Android versions.
  • Open your phone’s internet browser and go to this URL:
  • Scroll down the page and click on “Step 2: Penguin Navi START”.

You need to click on the link for the penguin sat nav to work, so in the morning, before we went to Ikebukuro, I used the hotel’s wi-fi to open the page and click on the link, so it was all ready to go when we were out and about.

Have fun – and if you use the app, remember to send me a pic on Facebook or Twitter!

Penguins sat nav