Odaiba: Giant Gundam, Japanese Sweets & Cute Stuff!

Odaiba Video

Odaiba is a manmade island in Tokyo Bay, which is often overlooked but is an area that I really enjoy visiting. It has a different feel to the rest of Tokyo – it’s more spacious, quieter and has some really unusual modern architecture. The seaside park is really lovely too – we went back another day to enjoy the beach – remember to subscribe so you don’t miss it!

Watch my Tokyo vlog for:

– Shiodome and the Studio Ghibli clock.
– Taking the Yurikamome railway line to Odaiba in Tokyo Bay, over the Rainbow Bridge.
– Stunning architecture in Odaiba, including the Fuji TV building.
– Crazy sweets and snacks in Diver City (subscribe to catch my Kitkat hunting video!) including rare Giant Rainbow Pocky!
– See the giant Gundam (1:1 scale) and the Gundam cafe and shop.
– Palette Town and Venus Fort shopping centre, and kawaii things in Kiddyland.
– Toyota Megaweb car tourist attraction.

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We’ll be going back to Odaiba, and next up is okonomiyaki, which you cook yourself at the table! If you haven’t seen them already, take a look at the other Tokyo videos on my channel – hope you enjoy them!

T-Shirts in the Video

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