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What I Got from Tokyo!

Kawaii Fashion in Harajuku

I don’t usually do hauls. Mainly because I think there’s more to life than buying things (which might seem strange coming from someone who makes a living selling their designs). But there’s much more value in using the things you have, than focusing on shopping and acquiring more and more stuff you might not even use. I also try to make more original videos – however, people have been asking what I got, so here it is. I’m not going to make a habit of it!

I actually filmed these ages ago, when I’d just got back (before I ate the sweets!). I didn’t want to start the Japan series with them, so they went unedited until now. So that’s why some of the details are out of date (like how Kera’s no longer in print, sob!). But I thought you might find them interesting anyway.

There are two sections (so you don’t have to watch the second one if you’re not interested in clothes!):

Japan Haul

First we have all the bits and pieces I bought:

  • Japanese sweets
  • Plushies
  • Anime figures
  • CDs

Clothes from Harajuku

The second part has the clothes I bought from Harajuku. Harajuku’s the only place I enjoy going shopping, so this is my annual shopping trip! I never really find clothes like in the UK – which is partly why I started designing them myself. I just find clothes on the high street so drab and boring – the aim of high street fashion seems to be to blend in. Especially for mens clothes – and Phil found some items too, which I’ve included in the video.

More Japan Videos

I’ve just booked my next trip to Japan, for the springtime (we might even catch the cherry blossoms!). So there’ll be new Japan vlogs coming up next year. In the meantime there are some more Disney World videos, and I’ll share some of my Japlanning with you! Subscribe to Cakes with Faces on YouTube to catch them:


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