Tarot Cards Tunic Pre-Order

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My new tarot cards tunic is now available to pre-order!

  • Be the first to have the new design!
  • Despatched late November 2019
  • Available in UK sizes 6 – 20 (measurements in the shop)

Look closer: these aren’t normal tarot cards…

Tarot Cards Tunic

The new tunic features a pattern of light-hearted, bad-news tarot cards, like “Eternal Pain”!

Tarot Cards Pattern
These aren’t normal tarot cards…

They were really fun to design. I love the art style of tarot cards and thought it would be fun to draw silly versions, bringing them up to date with modern-day problems like “Shattered Dreams”.

Funny Tarot Cards
Better hope “Eternal Pain” doesn’t come up in your reading…

The tunic has cap sleeves and a flattering style with side trails. It’s a bit short to wear as a dress (unless you’re very brave and don’t bend over!). The monochrome colour scheme is easy to wear, and it goes really well with leggings or shorts. If you want to see how it looks, I’m wearing the sample in my comic con preview video.

Tarot Cards Tunic


The sizing is the same as the other dresses. If you have any questions about sizing, or if you’d like any other measurements just send a message.

  • UK Size 6 (to fit 31-32″ chest)
  • UK Size 8-10 (to fit 33-34″ chest)
  • UK Size 12 (to fit 35-36″ chest)
  • UK Size 14 (to fit 37-39″ chest)
  • UK Size 16 (to fit 40-41″ chest)
  • UK Size 18 (to fit 42-45″ chest)
  • UK Size 20 (to fit 46-49″ chest)

What Type of Fabric?

The tunics are made of a different fabric to the other dresses and tunics. It’s stretchy, 90% cotton and feels similar to jersey / t-shirt material. It’s soft and comfortable to wear, and you can’t feel the printing on the fabric.

Design Process

I started working on the designs for the cards at the start of the year. I came up with lots of ideas for cards, intended for a new t-shirt design. The theme was: low-key bad news.

Funny tarot card ideas
Rough ideas for tarot cards (Click to enlarge)

Once I had the cards ready, bringing them together into a design with an overall concept was more tricky. It was a project I came back to every few months to look at with fresh eyes.

The t-shirt is available to pre-order now too, and I also made a pattern out of the cards to see how it would look. I tried out mock-ups on a dress, and finally decided on the tunic. It’s a completely new style with flattering side trails for a quirky, alternative look.

The photo is of a sample I’ve had made to check the quality and how the print would come out. It’s important to get the scale of the pattern right, the placement of the design and make sure it looks good in print. I made some small tweaks to the design, and the finished tunics will be ready mid November.


You can pre-order the new tunic right here online – just place your order as you usually would. Pre-orders are accepted from any country in the world.

The tunics will be despatched as soon as they’re ready (expected late November 2019).

Womens Tarot Card Top