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  • Guest Blog Post for

    8th March 2013

    I’m a big fan of DIY – the indie kind, not the B&Q kind, so when invited me to write a guest blog post for them I decided to share my secrets about how to take your own product photos.

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  • cake-mix-update

    Cake Mix App Update: New Accessories & Wallpapers!

    7th March 2013

    We’ve just release an update to my free iOS app Cake Mix, with even more cute accessories for personalising your cupcake characters! There are now literally MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of combinations (we’ve worked it out!). It’s also now compatible with iPhone 5, as well as other iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch.

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  • chopping-board-banner

    NEW: Chopping Boards Hit the Online Shop!

    24th February 2013

    After selling out at Hyper Japan, I’ve had a new batch of chopping boards made, with brighter colours this time, and they’re now available to order online for the first time! UPDATE: Chopping boards are now sold out, but we have lots of other cute items! Take a look…

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  • cake-or-your-life

    New Drawing: This is a Hold-Up!

    18th February 2013

    I’ve been drawing new accessories for the update of Cake Mix (my iOS app – it’s free!) – including this cakey-highwayman (or cake-wayman?) eye mask! I was messing around in Illustrator and made this drawing… Hands up!

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  • meteor

    New Drawing: Cute Meteor!

    16th February 2013

    Watching videos of the meteor in Russia yesterday was like seeing something from a film – inspired for once by current affairs, heres my cute meteor drawing (which hasn’t injured anyone).

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  • stan-lee-square

    Stan Lee Excelsior Award T-Shirts

    13th February 2013

    I designed a set of t-shirts for the Stan Lee Excelsior Award, the only nationwide book award for graphic novels and manga (endorsed by Stan Lee himself!). 11-16 year-olds read a shortlist of eight graphic novels and choose the winner by rating each book as they read it!

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  • 141000-cakes-banner

    That’s a lot of Cakes…

    3rd February 2013

    Oh my goodness! So far 141,000 cakes have been made using the Cake Mix, the Cakes with Faces iOS app for iPhone and iPod Touch! If only they were real….

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  • spider-versus-glass

    New in the Gallery: Spider vs Glass

    1st February 2013

    Who’s afraid of spiders? (In our house we call them monsters). Usually the hoover is my weapon of choice, but it’s more humane to use the old-fashioned spider and glass method…

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  • valentines-day-sushi

    Valentine’s Day Sushi Gift Idea

    30th January 2013

    Valentine’s Day Sushi How to make cute heart-shaped sushi rolls! I made mine with an avocado filling, but you could use any sushi fillings: vegetables or fish. Valentine’s Day Gift Idea 1) Order a How to Make Sushi set 2) Pick up your sushi ingredients – all the specialist ingredients you need, like sushi rice and nori, are available at larger supermarkets.

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  • ladybird-cat

    New in the Gallery: Ladybird Cat

    25th January 2013

    Meet Bumblebee Cat’s cousin…Ladybird Cat! Bumblebee Cat’s one of my most popular (and cute) characters – his t-shirt always gets lots of “aaaww”s at shows – so I had the idea to extend the family with Ladybird Cat!

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  • snow-lamb

    New in the Gallery: Snow lamb checks the forecast…

    18th January 2013

    With the snowy weather, it seemed right to start sketching snow lamb. I’d been meaning to start developing some of my existing characters more and start making stories for them. So here’s super cute snow lamb, checking the forecast for tomorrow and hoping for more snow so he can hit the slopes! Follow me on Facebook or Twitter and never

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  • marshmallow

    Cute Marshmallow Cartoon: mshmlw

    12th January 2013

    Cute Marshmallow Cartoon A sugar-coated horror story! I feel a bit mean for drawing this… and marshmallows in hot chocolate is no better… More Cute Artwork For more cute artwork, follow Cakes with Faces on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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  • popcorn

    Cute Popcorn Drawing

    1st January 2013

    I could probably go on eating popcorn forever (it’s only a small handful of corns before it gets popped, right?) so I did this drawing about how much I love popcorn (yep, it is me….).

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  • 2012

    2012: The Year with Cakes with Faces

    31st December 2012

    I’ve taken a look back at 2012 and what I’ve achieved this year with Cakes with Faces. Although I’ve been drawing for much longer, this has been my first year of events and conventions, and the t-shirt range has really got off the ground. I have so many ideas and projects in mind for next year, so I really hope

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  • dino

    New in the Gallery: Dino

    27th December 2012

    It’s great to have a bit of time for drawing just for fun in the Christmas holidays. This one’s been in my sketch book for a while. Dinosaurs and monsters are always fun to draw, and I had a few different designs for this one. I gave him some big teeth like my Savage Pie and enjoyed drawing the girl’s

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  • happy-christmas

    Happy Christmas from Bumblebee Cat!

    22nd December 2012

    It’s about time for some festive drawing, so I thought it would be fun to Christmas-up Bumblebee Cat! He’s one of my favourite characters, and here he is looking super cute. I drew him first by hand with watercolour and pesky ink and brush (I will get the hang of it one day!) before I did the final vector version.

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  • vote-banner

    We’re nominated for a NEO award!

    28th November 2012

    NEO awards are organised by NEO magazine and sponsored by MCM Expo, to award readers’ favourite anime, manga, movies and games from throughout the year. We’re super-excited and proud to be nominated for the Best Specialist Company award!!! NEO magazine is a fantastic UK magazine, covering anime, manga, Asian movies, music and cosplay. The winners are the nominees with the

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  • hj-xmas-banner

    Hyper Japan Christmas 2012 Photos

    27th November 2012

    We had a fantastic time at Hyper Japan this weekend at Earl’s Court in London! Thank you to everyone who came along to the stall, it was really lovely to meet you all, and amazing that some people already knew us from the previous Hyper Japan, Facebook or MCM! There was a huge traffic jam on the motorway so we

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  • thought-bubble-photos

    Thought Bubble 2012 Photos

    19th November 2012

    Thought Bubble 2012 This weekend was my first stall at Thought Bubble comic art festival in Leeds. It’s a really friendly event, with lots of independent self-published artists and DIY comics. This makes for a huge range of art styles and it’s a great opportunity to pick up artwork and prints. There are two halls full of tables, as well

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  • thought-bubble-banner

    Thought Bubble 2012 – Comic Con in Leeds

    8th November 2012

    Thought Bubble Comic Con My next event will be Thought Bubble, on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th November in Leeds at the Royal Armouries. It’s known as the most-loved comic con in the UK, especially for small press comics and art. I went as a visitor last year and it was a really friendly event – I went home with

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