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  • shiba-inu-tokyo

    Shibuya & Yoyogi Park Vlog

    27th September 2017

    A chill day hanging out in Shibuya & Yoyogi Park. Trying the instant ramen we made at the Cup Noodles Museum.

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  • big-sleuth-strawbeary

    The Big Sleuth Farewell Weekend & Auction

    26th September 2017

    The Big Sleuth It’s been great to be involved in The Big Sleuth, a public art exhibition in Birmingham with around 100 giant bear sculptures on the streets of Birmingham. They’re painted by artists with so many different and amazing designs. My bear’s called Strawbeary, featuring strawberries with faces on a background of green leaves, with cute bees and ladybirds. He’s

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  • golden-gai

    Is the Golden Gai Foreigner Friendly?

    24th September 2017

      What is the Golden Gai? The Golden Gai is an area in Shinjuku, Tokyo, with around 200 bars in a small area of alleyways. Most of the bars are so tiny – some with as few as 6 seats! They really are like walk-in cupboards with just the bar and a space in front. Many of them are themed –

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  • buying-figures-in-akihabara

    Tips for Buying Figures in Akihabara

    20th September 2017

    My tips for buying anime figures in Tokyo, including how expensive it is in Akihabara and where else you can find figures in Japan.

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  • anyone-can-rise-to-greatness

    Anyone Can Rise to Greatness

    11th September 2017

    The latest drawing in my bakery motivation series!

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  • mcm-london-comic-con-may-17

    MCM London Comic Con October 2017

    7th September 2017

    Come and see Cakes with Faces at MCM London Comic Con on 27-29 October 2017 at ExCel in London.

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  • japanese-street-food

    Japanese Street Food at Kawagoe Matsuri

    6th September 2017

    A tour of the food stalls at Kawagoe Matsuri – a huge variety of interesting snacks and treats!

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  • kawagoe

    Kawagoe & a Japanese Matsuri (Festival)

    30th August 2017

    What it’s like at a Japanese festival, less than 1 hour from Tokyo.

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  • tokyo-trick-art-museum

    Trick Art Museum on Thrillist

    29th August 2017

    We’re in Thrillist’s video about the Trick Art Museum in Tokyo!

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  • japanese-black-tunic-mock-up

    Magical Kyoto Tunic – Black Version

    21st August 2017

    There was so much love for the black version of the Magical Kyoto pattern that it’s being made into a tunic! Pre-orders are open now…

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  • difficult-question

    Dreamy Bows x Haruka Kurebayashi Party & Interview

    16th August 2017

    Haruka Kurebayashi in London Haruka Kurebayashi (or Kure-chan) is a Japanese kawaii model and icon of Harajuku and decora style. Dreamy Bows brought her to the UK as a special guest on their booth at Hyper Japan. After the show, they hosted a special party for her at Artbox in Covent Garden – aka the Cutest Night Ever! Watch the video

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  • cute-explosion-supernova-1

    Art Show in New York: Cute Explosion Supernova

    14th August 2017

    My artwork’s on show in New York in a cute rainbow-themed art show! They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles The show’s called “They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles”, at Clutter Gallery in New York and it’s on now until 1st September 2017. It’s a group art exhibition of graphic art and custom figures, arranged by colour like a rainbow! If

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  • shinjuku-gyoen

    Shinjuku Gyoen & Japanese Bakery Treats

    13th August 2017

    Shinjuku Gyoen Having stayed in the vicinity several times, somehow I’d never stumbled across Shinjuku Park! This sunny morning was a perfect time for a visit, and it was a lovely place to relax for a few hours, away from the busy city. You’d never believe you’re right next to the busiest station in the world. It’s a large park with green

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  • big-sleuth-strawbeary

    How I Painted Strawbeary – The Big Sleuth 2017, Birmingham

    9th August 2017

    How I Painted Strawbeary See how I painted my bear for The Big Sleuth! Strawbeary is a sun bear covered in cute strawberries with faces, along with bees and ladybirds. He took 8 days to paint – with 3 coats of green each taking 5 hours, and hundreds of leaves to draw! Finally he has two coats of heavy duty

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  • hyper-japan-festival-july-2017

    Hyper Japan Video – July 2017

    3rd August 2017

    Hyper Japan Video Thank you to everyone who came along at Hyper Japan! It’s always lovely to see you in real life, especially when Cakes with Faces is an online shop most of the time. I loved chatting about Japan with you guys, and it was amazing to hear your stories from when you’ve been to places in my videos.

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  • planet-rainbow-sparkles

    They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles

    2nd August 2017

    I’ll be having a piece in a gallery art show in New York called They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles! They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles They Came from Planet Rainbow Sparkles is an art exhibition at Clutter Gallery in New York, featuring cute and colourful pieces from graphic artists arranged by colour like a rainbow. What a great idea! It’s

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  • mcm-expo-manchester-2015

    MCM Manchester Comic Con 2017

    25th July 2017

    Cakes with Faces will be at MCM Manchester Comic Con, at Manchester Central on 29-30 July 2017. MCM Manchester is a smaller version of MCM London Comic Con, with lots of geeky things, stalls, special guests doing meet and greets, the Comic Village of independent artists, a cosplay masquerade and talks and panels on the stage. If you like anime, manga, cosplay, geeky films and TV

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  • big-sleuth-painting

    The Big Sleuth 2017 – Visit Strawbeary!

    10th July 2017

    The Big Sleuth 2017 has started! Visit my bear Strawbeary in Sutton Coldfield – she’s there for the next 10 weeks…

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  • control-freak-varsity-jacket

    Control Freak Varsity Jacket

    10th May 2017

    Pre-orders are now open for the new Control Freak Varsity Jackets. Be the first to have the new design, and get a pre-order discount!

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  • bearnana

    Have a Bearnana!

    12th April 2017

    Cute banana bear artwork – just for fun!

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