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Cakes with Faces T-Shirts at The HMV Shop, Solihull

Cakes with Faces at HMV Solihull

A few Cakes with Faces designs are available on t-shirts at the new “The HMV Shop” in Solihull. It’s a new style of HMV store, and they’ll be opening more across the UK this year.

The HMV Shop

HMV’s the go-to shop for music and films on the high street in the UK. This year it’s celebrating it’s 100th birthday! The new “The HMV Shop” is like a regular HMV but more merch-focussed, with vinyls, films & Japanese sweets (like a mini taste of comic con on the high street!).

They’ll be opening more of the new style shops around the UK. The first one’s just opened in Solihull in July 2021, and currently the other locations are still to be announced.

Cattoos T-Shirt

Special Partner Range

The t-shirts are a partner range so you might not recognise them from the online shop.

All the t-shirts here in the online shop are exclusive, online only designs that you can only get from Cakes with Faces.

The only one you might recognise is Cakezilla – a sold out design which is brought back for HMV: “Cakezilla: Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the oven…!”.

Cakezilla T-Shirt

Tag me in your pics!

I haven’t made it to the new shop yet, so if you see them, take a pic and tag me! I’m @cakeswithfaces on Twitter and Instagram.

HMV Solihull Shop Tour

Here’s a tour of the new Solihull HMV store from Twitter. If you’re quick you can spot the t-shirts on the first two tables at the front.