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New Circatboard T-Shirts and Leggings

Circatboard Cat Circuitboard Pattern

The new Circatboard t-shirts and leggings are now available! Lots of you asked for the cat circuitboard pattern on more items, so here they are!

They’re available now for immediate despatch:

Circuitboard Pattern

Circatboard is cat-themed circuit board pattern with wires, electronics and cat-pacitors, with subtle cat details and paw prints. It was really fun to design!

The trickiest part was making it a repeat pattern when it’s such a complex design. Instead of doing this manually, this time I used Illustrator’s repeat pattern features, which made it easier – although it did crash a few times as the pattern’s quite detailed.

I added the colours with subtle gradients and fades to make it look more magical.

Circuitboard Cats Pattern

Circatboard T-Shirt

The t-shirts are black with the circatboard pattern on the front in a gradient print.

  • Standard/mens t-shirts and womens slim fit.
  • Wide range of sizes: Small – 2XL.
  • Only available at Cakes with Faces.
  • Worldwide shipping.

The sizing’s the same as the other t-shirts, and they’re made of 100% cotton with an ultra-soft print.

Circatboard T-Shirt

Magical Gradient Print

The t-shirts have a gradient print in green, blue and purple. I’ve been wanting to try out this type of printing for a long time but until now there wasn’t a design that was quite right for it. I definitely remember doing mock-ups when I designed the UniCorn t-shirts and that was back in 2016.

They’re screenprinted just like the other t-shirts, which is a very durable and long-lasting form of printing, but the gradient blend of colours makes them extra magical! I can’t wait to see how they turn out. It’s always exciting seeing new designs in real life for the first time, after working on them on screen for so long.

They’ll be printed with water-based inks, which are more eco-friendly than regular inks. They’re just as long-lasting and don’t fade. Plus they feel much softer. When the t-shirts are brand new, you can feel the ink slightly on the fabric, but once it’s washed you can’t feel it at all. And the print will never crack like some t-shirts do.

Cat Circuitboard T-Shirt

Circatboard Leggings

The leggings are comfy and stretchy, made of silky smooth fabric. They’re easy to match with various outfits and suit lots of different colours, whether it’s pastels, black or any of the colours from the design. Wear them with a cosy jumper or hoodie, a t-shirt, or wear under dresses or skirts as an alternative to tights to keep warm. (You could even wear them with the Circatboard dress – it’s a look??!).

  • Comfy leggings made of stretchy fabric.
  • Wide range of sizes: Small – 3XL (size guide in the shop).
  • Only available at Cakes with Faces.
  • Worldwide shipping.

Most sizes sold out in the pre-order so there are only a few pairs left. Sold out sizes will be restocked later this year (date TBC).

Circatboard Leggings
Kawaii Cat Circuit Board Leggings

Circatboard Dress

The pattern’s also on a dress. It’s been a popular design, and lots of people had asked for it on more items, so I’m glad it’s now available for people who don’t wear dresses.

The dress is available for immediate despatch, in a wide range of sizes from UK size 6 to 20 (measurements are in the link if you don’t do UK sizes).

Circatboard Dress