Kelsey Ellison: What do Alpacas think of our Alpacas Vest?

Kelsey Ellison made a cute video about our alpacas vest. Her cute alpacas review our pink alpacas vest!

Kelsey Ellison

Kelsey Ellison is a singer, dancer and YouTube star who makes cute videos featuring J-pop and K-pop covers, as well as vlogs and fashion and make-up videos. We love her fun videos, and saw her performing at MCM Expo in London, Hyper Japan in the summer and Japanorama in Leicester. We were really excited to meet her at Hyper Japan Christmas Market. She was really nice and we managed to ask her what her favourite thing from Japan is! See her answer, and a tiny snippet of her performances in our “What’s the best thing from Japan” video from the show.

If you’ve seen any of Kelsey’s videos, you’ll know she’s a big fan of cute and fluffy alpacas, so our alpacas vest is perfect for her. She looks fantastic – we love the fluffy winter legwarmers!
Kelsey Ellison in our Alpacas Vest

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Reviewed by Alpacas

So what do alpacas think of our alpacas vest top? Watch Kelsey’s video to find out – it’s really cute, and also features our stud earrings set.

You can get both of these items from the online shop. They make great Christmas presents, and everything’s despatched really quickly by first class, in good time for Christmas! Hope you like the video – and remember to subscribe to Kelsey’s channel on YouTube!